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14.4 Volt Replacement Battery Pack – Revolt Series

Battery Pack Features: Keep on moving with the ground-breaking Master Manufacturing Revolt Series Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery Pack. In seconds, keep tackling spraying projects with this replacement battery that easily slides right into your Revolt Series Lithium-Ion Sprayer setup. Limit down-time with an incredible two-to-four-hour charge time.

Compatibility: These 14.4-volt replacement battery packs are compatible with the following Revolt sprayers and kits: REVOLT-144-1, BPS-REV401, PCD-E3-009B-MM, SSN-01-015A-RM, and SL6-46-012Q-RM.

Part # REVOLT-144-B-CSK

Shipping: 3-5 Business Days

REVOLT-144-B-CSK | 1 lbs | 9x7x5

Product Specs

Gallons Per Charge 12 Volt Pump Style Charge Time (Approx.) Weight Warranty
Up To 30 1.0-1.1GPM 2-4 Hours 2 Lbs. 2 Year



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