Revolt Series Lithium-Ion Sprayer Conversion Kit


The next evolution in spraying has arrived with the ground-breaking Revolt Series Rechargeable (Lithium Ion) Sprayer Conversion Kit.  Instantly convert your sprayer to a cordless power house that no longer requires a vehicle battery or a 12V wire harness that just gets damaged or in the way. With just a flick of a switch, effortlessly spray up to 30 gallons on a single charge.  Featuring an all-steel weather shield that protects your Revolt Series battery pack from even the harshest elements when spraying. When it comes time to charge your battery pack, easily connect it to the included charger and experience limited down time with an incredible two hour charge time. Installation time is a breeze with a bolt-on design that allows the weather shield to be placed below your 12 volt diaphragm pump. Perfect for 1.0GPM spot and broadcast sprayers. Sprayer and pump sold separately.


Compatible with Master Manufacturing Sprayers

15 Gallon Spot Sprayer, 1.0GPM
25 Gallon Spot Sprayer, 1.0GPM
12 Gallon Trailer Sprayer, 1.1GPM

Product Specs

Gallons Per Charge 12 Volt Pump Style Charge Time (Approx.) Weight Warranty
Up To 30 1.0-1.1GPM 2 Hours 2 Lbs. 1 Year

Key Product Features

  • Spray Up To 30 Gallons On A Single Charge
  • Easy Accessible Lighted On/Off Switch
  • Easy To Install Bolt-On Weather Shield
  • 2 Hour Charge Time with Included Charger

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