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Replacement Parts – SG-PC-025

Available Replacement Parts: Throughout the life of the SG-PC-025 spray gun, you might run into the need of getting replacement parts.  Below are the most common replacements parts owners request after continuous use.

Nozzle Replacement Kit (SG-PC-025-NZLKIT): This kit would be purchased in the instance that your orifice, at the end of your SG-PC-025 spray gun, either becomes worn out or lost due to removal for any cleaning purposes.

Seal Repair Kit (SG-PC-025-R1): This kit is an internal repair kit for your SG-PC-025 spray gun assembly. If you are experiencing leaks or bad pressure issues, it would be recommended to use this kit for an internal repair job.

Part # SG-PC-025-NZLKIT | SG-PC-025-R1

Shipping: 3-5 Business Days

Nozzle Replacement Kit $19.99
SG-PC-025-NZLKIT | 0.3 lbs | 9x7x5
Seal Repair Kit $14.99
SG-PC-025-R1 | 0.05 lbs | 9x7x5

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