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Portable Mist Sprayer

Mist Sprayer Features: Spray anything, everything and anywhere that a spot or broadcast sprayer cannot with the Master Manufacturing Portable Mist Sprayer. Effortlessly attach to an existing sprayer and begin covering more ground. Featuring a 210-degree manual rotating fan that provides the flexibility needed to mist from low to high surfaces.  Includes a reliable 7 HP Rato engine for consistent performance. Installation is a breeze with the self-contained, universal mounting system that requires only 2 ratchet straps.  Frame made of heavy-duty steel that has centralized handles for easy team lifts on/off vehicles.

Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Backed by a two-year warranty on components. Can be used with ATVs (4-Wheeler), UTVs (Side-by-Side) and other means of transportation with some modifications.

Mist Spraying: This mist sprayer features a two-nozzle cannon volute that provides a fine mist that covers more surface than a standard sprayer. Easily spray up to 40 feet vertically and 75 feet horizontally. Comes standard with blue deflector nozzles.

Misting Applications: General applications including pest & fly control for vine crops, livestock, parks, pastures, and others.

Compatibility: Compatible with all Master Manufacturing and other manufactured sprayers. Some modifications required depending on sprayer setup. Ideal setup would include pressure regulator with shut-off valve.  Minimum of 2.2GPM 12V diaphragm pump required.

Part # MMW-01-000N-MM

Mist Blower Sprayer Manual

Rato Engine User Manual

Product Specs

Tank Size 12 Volt Pump Style Spray Distance Ideal Transportation Sprayer Dimensions
Portable None Vertical 40 Ft
Horizontal 75 Ft
ATV & UTV 33 x 17 x 28

Key Product Features

  • 2-Nozzle Cannon Volute
  • Fits Most Manufacturer's ATV Racks
  • Easy-to-Reach Carrying Handle
  • 210˚Manual Rotation Fan


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