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Replacement Parts – Master Gardener

Available Replacement Parts: Throughout the life of the Master Gardener, you might run into the need of getting replacement parts.  Below are the most common replacements parts Master Gardener owners request after continuous use.

12V Charger (33-100150-US): This charger is for past iterations of the Master Gardener that featured a lead acid battery. Includes 3-feet of power cord and charges battery in four hours.  Replacement charger (33-100513) also available for the Revolt series version.

Wire Harness Adapter (34-140195): This wire harness adapter is for connecting the 12V Replacement Charger to older iterations of the Master Gardener.

12V Battery (34-103194):  This battery is for past iterations of the Master Gardener. Charges up within four hours. Replacement battery (REVOLT-144-B-CSK) also available for the Revolt series version.

Power Switch (33-103196-L): This power switch is universal for past and the current Revolt series of the Master Gardener.

Part # 33-100150-US | 34-140195 | 34-103194 | 33-103196-L

Shipping: 3-5 Business Days

12V Charger $14.99
33-100150-US | 0.3 lbs | 9x7x5
Wire Harness Adapter $8.99
34-140195 | 0.25 lbs | 9x7x5
12V Battery $34.99
33-103194 | 3 lbs | 9x7x5
Power Switch $1.99
33-103196-L | 0.20 lbs | 6x4x.50

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