Flex Frame 3-Point Kit

Be more flexible with the Master Manufacturing Flex Frame 3-Point Mount Kit. In a matter of minutes, tackle more ground with less work with this all-steel mounting system that allows easy for connection with a category one tractor. Comes standard with an adjustable boom mount that allows for a wide range of broadcast spraying. Compatible with Master Manufacturing and other branded boom and boomless broadcast kits. Developed for the 40 & 60 gallon Flex Frame sprayer models.


Product Specs

Sprayer Compatibility
All Flex Frame Sprayers
Boom Kit Compatibility
All Master Manufacturing & Other Branded Kits
Category 1 Tractors
Round Up Ready


  • Fields
  • Ditches
  • Patures
  • Other Areas 3+ Acres

Key Product Features

  • Adjustable Boom Mount for Height Adjustment
  • Bolt-On 3-Point Mounting System

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