Brass Boomless Nozzle

Save time & cover more ground with the Valley Industries Universal Brass Boomless Nozzle. In matter of seconds, have a single nozzle mounted to your broadcast sprayer that allows up to 58 feet of coverage. Includes 2 interchangeable caps that allows for 90° & 180° spraying. 90° spraying is perfect for applications that encounter obstacles such as fences or trees during the application. 180° spraying provides full coverage & is more ideal for open surfaces. Ideal use with 3.0GPM or higher volume 12volt diaphragm pumps. Composed of brass for increased wear resistance. Features a ½” NPT connection & includes 3/8” reducer bushing. Ideal spraying height is between 24-48 inches from top of grass. Available in several orifice sizes Compatible with Master Manufacturing and other branded broadcast sprayer no-boom kits.

Part Number Pattern Ideal GPM Orifice Size Spray Coverage
6540-01-CSK Half & Full 3.0 GPM #5 50'
6541-01-CSK Half & Full 5.0 GPM #10 52'
6542-01-CSK Half & Full 7.0 GPM #20 58'