Boomless Nozzles

Save time and cover more ground with the Valley Industries Universal Boomless Nozzles. Designed for use with either a 2.0 or 3.0GPM 12volt diaphragm pump. Easily spray insecticides, herbicides and pesticides between 8-22 feet of spray coverage. Making these the perfect nozzles for large lawns or estates that have rugged terrain or consistent obstacles.  Full pattern nozzles more ideal for open surfaces. Left and right pattern nozzles are perfect for applications that encounter obstacles such as fences or trees. Designed with a two-piece construction for increased durability. Ideal spraying height is between 24-48 inches from top of grass. Compatible with Master Manufacturing and other branded broadcast sprayer no-boom kits.

Part Number Pattern Ideal GPM Orifice Size Spray Coverage
BN2BP088LSX Left 2.0 GPM .088 8'
BN2BP088RSX Right 2.0 GPM .088 8'
BN2BP125FWX Full 2.0 GPM .125 16'
BN2BP116LSX Left 3.0 GPM .116 11'
BN2BP116RSX Right 3.0 GPM .116 11'
BN2BP152FWX Full 3.0 GPM .152 22'