Attachable ATV Mist Blower Sprayer

Spray anything, everything and anywhere that a spot or broadcast sprayer cannot with the Master Manufacturing Attachable ATV Mist Sprayer.  Effortlessly attach to an existing spot sprayer and begin covering more ground with the two nozzle cannon volute. Make quick work with the 210 degree manual rotating fan that can easily spray up to 40 feet vertically and 75 feet horizontally.  Includes a reliable 160cc Honda GC160 OHV engine and a heavy-duty steel frame. General mist applications include pest & fly control for vine crops, livestock, parks, pastures, and others.  Fits most manufacturer’s ATV racks.


Product Specs


Tank Size
12 Volt Pump Style
Horizontal Spray
75 feet
Vertical Spray
40 feet
Ideal Transportation
Round Up Ready


  • Fruits, Vegetables, & Vineyards
  • Livestock & Confinements
  • Fly & Mosquito Control
  • Campsites, Pastures, Ditches, & More

Key Product Features

  • 2 Nozzle Cannon Volute
  • Fits Most Manufacturer's ATV Racks
  • Easy-to-Reach Carrying Handle
  • 210˚Manual Rotation Fan

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