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60 Gallon Tree Skid Sprayer

Sprayer Features: Get more volume with the heavy-duty Master Manufacturing 60 Gallon Tree Skid Sprayer. Featuring a corrosion resistant Comet APS 41 diaphragm pump that handles up to 580 PSI and 10.8 GPM. Keep things humming along with the always reliable 7 HP Rato gas engine (210cc). Get full spraying control using the rear-facing pressure regulating system that comes complete with pressure relief valve and back-mounted, glycerin-filled pressure gauge that reads up to 100 PSI.  Additional features encompass an inline filter, effectively preventing debris and chemical clumps from entering the tank. The powder-coated steel hose post is tailored to secure the provided 1/2″, 25-foot high-pressure hose. Completing the ensemble, a sump at the base of the tank ensures thorough drainage. Designed for convenience, the all-steel frame boasts team lift handles and fork lift holes, ensuring effortless maneuverability from UTVs, trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Backed by a two-year warranty on pump & components.

Spot Spraying: When it comes time to spot spray, utilize the long-range misting spray gun (SG-3200) and reach up to 50 feet vertically and 55 feet horizontally. Effortlessly go from stream to robust atomized mist with the adjustable front handle. Prevent unwanted chemical drips with the no-drip shut off at the end of the barrel. Featuring an aluminum barrel and chemical-resistant thermos plastic handle for increased durability. Includes a trigger lock to increase operator comfort.

Coverage: This tree skid sprayer is designed for high-volume spot spraying applications such as tall trees, orchards, pest control and similar applications.

Part # UNT-05-060J-MM

Spot Sprayer Manual

Skid Sprayer Assembly Card

Rato Engine User Manual


Spot Sprayer Manual

Tree Skid Sprayer Assembly Card

Product Specs

Tank Size Pump Size Spray Gun Style Hose Length Engine Style Ideal Transportation Round Up Ready Frame Dimensions
60 Gallon Comet APS 41 Long Range Misting 25 feet Rato Gas Commercial Vehicle Yes 44" x 36" x 30"

Key Product Features

  • Adjustable flash spray gun on hose post for 60-gallon tree skid sprayer
    Adjustable Long Range Misting Spray Gun
  • Comet APS 41 diaphragm pump on 60-gallon tree skid sprayer
    Corrosion Resistant Comet APS 41 Diaphragm Pump
  • pressure regulating system for 60-gallon tree skid sprayer
    Accessible Pressure Regulating System
  • Rato 7HP gas engine on 60-gallon tree skid sprayer
    Featuring a 7HP Rato Engine


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