60 Gallon Orchard Skid Sprayer, 10.0 GPM

Protect orchards, trees or other tall vegetation with the Master Manufacturing 60 Gallon Orchard Skid Sprayer. Included is a two-handed, long range spray gun that can easily reach up to 50 feet of vertical spray distance. Depending on the application, adjust on the fly from a fine mist to a pin-point stream and reduce operator fatigue with the spray gun trigger locking system. Features a Comet APS 41 diaphragm pump and Honda GC engine that allows up to 525 PSI and 10GPM. Comes standard with 25 feet of hose and mounting straps. Can fit most truck and UTV beds. Backed by one year warranty on pump & components.


Product Specs

Tank Size
60 Gallon
Pump Style
APS 41 Comet Diaphragm Pump
Spray Gun
Long Range
Hose Length
25 feet
Spray Distance
Up to 50 feet
Engine Style
Honda GC Gas
Ideal Transportation
UTV or Commercial Vehicle
Round Up Ready


  • Orchards
  • Tall Trees
  • Pest Control
  • Other Isolated Area with High Volume

Key Product Features

  • Long Range Spray Gun Handles Up To 850PSI & 25GPM
  • All Steel Hose Holder
  • Includes Comet APS 41 Diaphragm Pump