40 Gallon UTV Broadcast Sprayer, 10 Foot Swath


Sprayer Features: Bigger is better with the 40 Gallon UTV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer. Featuring a top of the line pumping system that includes a robust Everflo 2.2GPM 12V on-demand diaphragm pump, pressure gauge, adjustable pressure regulator, and a shut-off valve that controls water flow to spray boom. Depending on UTV cargo box size, easily extend all-steel frame to get a nice and snug fit in UTV box. Other features include thick tank walls for increased durability and a quick power connection with the included 12V wire harness. Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Backed by one year warranty on pump & components.

Spot Spraying: When it comes time to spot spray, un-holster your traditional spray gun and reach up to 25 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally from the comfort of your seat. As applications change, quickly adjust the nozzle from a steady stream to a wide mist. Traditional spray gun features a trigger lock to reduce hand fatigue and an in-handle filter for increase durability.

Broadcast Spraying: This UTV sprayer features a three nozzle, SSBK-10FB broadcast spray boom that has a ten foot spray swath. With fold-able wings, easily prevent damage from oncoming obstacles such as trees or fold wings in for more compact storage. As terrain and spraying applications change, conveniently adjust spray boom height with the all-steel boom bracket tilt that sits over UTV tailgate for quick access. Comes standard with three deflector nozzles.

Coverage: This UTV sprayer is designed to handle up to almost 4 acres* of coverage in one sitting. Making it ideal for spraying large estates, pastures or fields with a UTV (Side-by-Side).

*Acreage coverage is based on running spraying application at 30 PSI while maintaining speed at 6 MPH.

Product Specs

Tank Size 12 Volt Pump Style Boom Style Boom Spray Distance Spray Gun Spot Spray Distance Hose Length Ideal Transportation
40 Gallon 2.2GPM Folding 3 Nozzle 10 Ft Traditional Vertical 25 Ft
Horizontal 30 Ft
15 Ft UTV (Side-by-Side)

Key Product Features

  • Adjustable Boom Brackets That Sit Over Tailgate For Easy Access
  • Pressure Regulating System For Full Control of Pressure & Boom Flow
  • Everflo 2.2GPM 12 Volt Diaphragm Pump
  • Adjustable Mist to Stream Spray Gun

Folding Broadcast Spray Boom

  • 10 Foot Spray Pattern
  • Vertical Folding Boom
  • Featuring Deflector Nozzles