40 Gallon 3-Point Mist Blower Sprayer

Spray anything, everything and anywhere that a spot or broadcast sprayer cannot with the Master Manufacturing 40 Gallon 3-Point Mist Sprayer.  Make quick work with the 270 degree rotating electric fan that easily sprays 40 feet vertically and 75 feet horizontally from the two nozzle cannon volute. This mist sprayer features a top of the line pumping system that includes a robust Everflo 2.2GPM 12V diaphragm pump, pressure gauge and adjustable pressure regulator. When it comes time to spot spray, un-holster your adjustable spray gun and reach up to 20 feet vertically and 25 feet horizontally from the comfort of your seat. Keep your 15 feet of hose from dragging and being damaged with the installed hook and loop hose strap. Includes hand-held controls. General mist applications include pest & fly control for vine crops, livestock, parks, pastures, and others. Perfect for category one, two, and three tractors.


Product Specs

Tank Size
40 Gallon
12 Volt Pump Style
2.2 GPM Everflo
Spray Gun
Hose Length
15 feet
Horizontal Spray
75 feet
Vertical Spray
40 feet
Ideal Transportation
Category One Tractor
Round Up Ready


  • Fruits, Vegetables, & Vineyards
  • Livestock & Confinements
  • Fly & Mosquito Control
  • Campsites, Pastures, Ditches, & More

Key Product Features

  • 2 Nozzle Cannon Volute
  • 12V Everflo Diaphragm Pump
  • Hook & Loop Hose Strap
  • 270˚ Rotating Electric Fan

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