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40 & 60 Gallon Spot Sprayer Tanks

Tank Features: Reduce down-time with the Valley Industries 40- & 60-Gallon Spot Sprayer Tanks. Featuring extra-thick white translucent walls with raised volume markings for fluid readings. Keep fluids from sloshing out of the tank with the included 6” tank lid with tether. Get complete drainage with the molded-in 3/4″ MGH drain port with tethered cap for complete draining. Made of polyethylene and UV stabilizers to protect against the harshest elements and chemicals. Comes standard with mounting inserts for gun clips and 12v diaphragm pumps. Backed by a one-year warranty on manufacturer defects.

Ideal Applications:  These spot sprayer tanks are Perfect for spraying or holding water, chemical, and other fluids.

Available Tank Inserts: Each bulk tank includes several pairs of inserts.  On the side of the tank, two inserts (10-24 thread pitch) available to add spray gun wand clips. Finally, four inserts (10-24 thread pitch) at the top of the bulk tank to mount a 12V diaphragm pump.

Additional Available Features: Available also with a bottom sump for quicker draining.

Available Color Options: Valley Industries is stocked with white and yellow colored tank options. Custom coloring options also available for wholesale and retail*.

*Minimum Order Quantities Apply. Reach Out for Details.

T-040-WWNA-XL $92.99
T-040-WWNA-XL | 129 lbs | 37x24x20.25
T-040-WWSA-XL $99.99
T-040-WWSA-XL | 129 lbs | 37x24x20.25
T-040-YYNA-XL $92.99
T-040-YYNA-XL | 129 lbs | 37x24x20.25
T-040-YYSA-XL $99.99
T-040-YYSA-XL | 129 lbs | 37x24x20.25
T-060-WWNA-XL $124.99
T-060-WWNA-XL | 168 lbs | 37x24x26.25
T-060-WWSA-XL $134.99
T-060-WWSA-XL | 168 lbs | 37x24x26.25
T-060-YYNA-XL $124.99
T-060-YYNA-XL | 168 lbs | 37x24x26.25
T-060-YYSA-XL $134.99
T-060-YYSA-XL | 168 lbs | 37x24x26.25


Part # Tank Size Tank Color Weight
T-040-WWNA-XL 40 Gallon White 16lbs
T-040-YYNA-XL 40 Gallon Yellow 16lbs
T-060-WWNA-XL 60 Gallon White 18lbs
T-060-YYNA-XL 60 Gallon Yellow 18lbs


Part # Tank Size Tank Color Weight
T-040-WWSA-XL 40 Gallon White 16lbs
T-040-YYSA-XL 40 Gallon Yellow 16lbs
T-060-WWSA-XL 60 Gallon White 18lbs
T-060-YYSA-XL 60 Gallon Yellow 18lbs


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