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35 Gallon Professional Lawn Care Skid Sprayer

Sprayer Features: Maximize your profits with the Master Manufacturing 35 Gallon Pest Control Skid Sprayer. Our pest control sprayer has a compact and lightweight design that sits in most pickup and UTV beds in any direction. Featuring easy access pressure adjustment controls that are mounted high for clear visibility. Comes standard with 12” Hardcore manual hose reel that gives you the extra reach you need.

Other features include 300 ft. of 1/2” heavy-duty hose and dual 2.2 Everflo diaphragm pump that gives you the necessary flow, all the time. Backed by a two-year warranty on pump & components.

Spot Spraying: When it comes time to spot spray, grip and rip the professional-grade, high pressure spray gun that reaches up to 800 PSI. Featuring a drip-free shut off, preventing any excess chemical from dripping. Adjust on the fly from a fine mist to a pin-point stream. Includes a trigger lock system that maintains a consistent spray while reducing operator fatigue. With a wide swath, easily cover turf in a short time frame.

Coverage: This professional lawn care skid sprayer sprayer is designed for professional lawn care on commercial and residential properties. Prep and prevent weeds and pests from interfering.

Part # PP2-Q7-035M-MM

Professional Skid Sprayer Manual

Product Specs

Tank Size 12 Volt Pump Style Spray Gun Style Hose Length Spray Distance Hose Reel Style Frame Material Ideal Transportation Round Up Ready Tank Dimensions
35 Gallon Dual 2.2 GPM Everflo Adjustable Jet 300 Feet Up to 20 Feet 12" Manual U-Channel Aluminum UTV or Commercial Vehicle Yes 34.5” x 16.25” x 20.375”

Key Product Features

  • Dual Everflo 12V Diaphragm Pumps
  • Featuring Hardcore Hose Reel with Stainless Steel Core
  • Adjustable Jet Spray Gun Can Handle Up To 800 PSI
  • Easy Access To Pressure Adjustment Controls


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