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25 Gallon High Pressure Spot Sprayer, 200 PSI

Sprayer Features: Conquer new heights with the Master Manufacturing 25 Gallon High Pressure Spot Sprayer. Reach up to 200 PSI with an incredible pumping system, including a robust Everflo 2.0 GPM high pressure plunger pump, pressure gauge and adjustable pressure regulator. Keep your 25 feet of hose from dragging and being damaged with the pre-installed hook and loop hose strap. Includes ratchet straps for mounting to an ATV.

Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Backed by a two-year warranty on pump & components.

Spot Spraying: When it comes time to spot spray, un-holster your adjustable flash spray gun (SG-2200-CSK) and reach up to 25 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally from the comfort of your seat. As applications change, push down the lever on the side of the spray gun and go from a steady stream to an atomized mist. The atomized spray gun is field repairable and features a trigger lock to reduce hand fatigue on longer jobs.

Coverage: This high pressure spot sprayer is designed to handle isolated spraying applications that require a little more distance. Easily tackle weeds, tall trees, fence lines, livestock and similar applications.

Part # SS4-01-025P-MM

High Pressure Spot Sprayer Manual

Product Specs

Tank Size 12 Volt Pump Style Spray Gun Style Hose Length Spot Spray Distance Ideal Transportation Round Up Ready Tank Dimensions
25 Gallon 2.0 GPM Everflo - 200 PSI Long Range 25 Ft Vertical 30 Ft
Horizontal 35 Ft
ATV or UTV Yes 36.25” x 18” x 16.75”

Key Product Features

  • High Pressure 12V Everflo Plunger Pump
  • Adjustable Mist to Stream Long Range Spray Gun
  • Includes Ratchet Straps
  • Hook And Loop Hose Strap


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