200 Gallon Space Saver Professional Lawn Care Sprayer, Aluminum

Maximize your profits with the Master Manufacturing 200 Gallon Space Saver Professional Lawn Care Sprayer. Our Space Saver fits comfortably sideways into a standard short box or long box pick-up truck, leaving plenty of space and saving your brakes and transmissions from heavy water surges while driving. Use the additional space for bags of granular and load a small ride-on in the hitch and you’ll be able to compete with even the most expensive custom trucks used by national chains. The forward facing curbside controls and electric gear drive hose reel give you everything you need to get in and out with minimal effort. Comes with 300 ft. of 1/2 in. hose and a professional-grade lawn spray gun that has three interchangeable nozzles. Other features include a corrosion resistant aluminum frame and slots for easy forklift accessibility. Backed by one year warranty on pump & components.


Product Specs

Tank Size
200 Gallon
Pump Style
APS 41 Comet Diaphragm Pump
Spray Gun
Adjustable Lawn Care Style
Hose Length
300 Feet
Spray Distance
Up to 50 Feet
Engine Style
Honda GX200 Gas
Hose Reel Style
18” Heavy Duty Electric
Frame Metal
Ideal Transportation
Commercial Vehicle
Round Up Ready


  • Weeds
  • Trees
  • Pest Control
  • Other Isolated Areas with High Volume

Key Product Features

  • Forward Facing Controls For Easy Access
  • Featuring Hardcore Hose Reel with Stainless Steel Core
  • Driver Side Hinged Fill Lid
  • Includes Comet APS 41 Diaphragm Pump

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