18″ 2218 Series Deluxe Spray Gun


Spray Gun Features: Give your sprayer an upgrade with the Valley Industries Universal 2218 Series Deluxe Spray Gun. This pistol grip spray gun can handle up to 250 PSI & 7.0 GPM. Featuring a #18 orifice brass nozzle that can be easily adjust from steady stream to a wide mist. Minimize unnecessary down-time as this spray gun is field repairable. Reduce hand fatigue with the included trigger lock that allows for continuous spraying. Includes a 3/8″ hose barb connection for easy assembly to spray gun hose. Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Not for use with pressure washers.

Coverage: Depending on the size of the diaphragm pump in-use, spray up to 25 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally. Perfect for low or high volume spot spraying weeds, trees, fence lines and other isolated items.

Replacement Parts: This pistol grip spray gun has several replacement parts available including: #8 Orifice Brass Nozzle & #18 Orifice Brass Nozzle.

Product Specs

Spray Gun Style Barrel Length Max Pressure Flow Orifice Size Spot Spray Distance Connection
Deluxe 18" 250 PSI 7.0 GPM #18 Vertical 25 Ft
Horizontal 30 Ft
3/8" Hose Barb
Part # Packaging Style
SG-2218-18 Flag Tag
SG-2218-18-CB Cardboard Wrap

Key Product Features

  • Trigger Lock for Reduced Hand Fatigue
  • Nozzle Adjusts from Mist to Stream
  • Field Repairable for Minimal Down Time
  • Good for Small Spot Sprayers