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16 Foot Economy Broadcast Sprayer Boomless Kit

Boomless Kit Features: Give your spot or broadcast sprayer an upgrade with the Master Manufacturing 16 Foot Economy Broadcast Sprayer Boomless Kit. In minutes, have this compact boom installed to your sprayer tank. As applications change, easily slide boomless nozzle up or down for the perfect spraying height. Avoid any unnecessary damage from oncoming obstacles, such as trees, with the compact design. Control flow to the broadcast boom with the included shut-off valve.

Comes standard with 12v wire harness that features on/off switch and alligator clamp connection. Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Backed by two-year warranty on components.

Coverage: This single nozzle has a spray swath up to 16 feet, making this boomless kit perfect for small to medium lawns, food plots, waterways and other applications up to 2 acres. Featuring a full pattern boomless nozzle (BN2BP125FWX). A minimum of 1.8 GPM pump is needed. For best performance, stay within 20-40 PSI.

Compatibility: This broadcast kit has universal compatibility with Master Manufacturing and other manufactured spot or broadcast sprayers*.

*Minor modifications might be needed with non-Master Manufacturing sprayers. Consult manufacturer’s assembly instructions.

Part # SSBK-SNB-2

Economy Boom Assembly

Product Specs

Boom Style Swath Spray Pattern Minimum GPM # of Nozzles
Boomless 16 Feet 1.8 GPM 1

Key Product Features

  • 16' Broadcast Spray Pattern
  • One Boomless Full Pattern Nozzle
  • Y-Valve & Bracket For Boomless Setup


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