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12V Heavy-Duty Alligator Clamp Wire Harness

AVAILABLE spring 2024

Wire Harness Features: Get instant power with the Valley Industries Universal Heavy-Duty 12V Alligator Clamp Wire Harness. This wire harness is a versatile solution for powering high-flow diaphragm pumps, ideally those with a 3.0 GPM and higher rate. The robust 12-gauge harness features alligator clamp ends for a secure connection to a 12-volt power source, accommodating up to 20 amps to ensure safe operation. With an 8-foot length and a user-friendly large on/off power switch, it offers convenient setup and control. Backed by a one-year warranty on manufacturer defects.  

Ideal Applications: This wire harness is a crucial accessory for fluid transfer applications ranging from agriculture to marine use. Can be used for other applications that require a power supply connection to a battery.

12V Diaphragm Pump Compatibility: Perfect for use with Everflo 12-volt diaphragm pumps. Can be used with other manufactured 12-volt diaphragm pumps that feature a two-pin connector setup.

Part # 33-103351


Product Specs

Wire Harness Style Length Max Amps Gauge Wire Connector Ideal Pump GPM
Alligator Clamps 8' 20 12 SAE, 2 Pin 3.0+ GPM
Part Number Connection Style Packaging Style
33-103351 Alligator Clamps Bulk
33-103351-CSK Alligator Clamps Clamshell


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