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Introducing Our New Broadcast Lawn Trailer Series 

Master Manufacturing is always working on engineering and innovating new ways to spray. We are proud to introduce our new 24- and 36-gallon broadcast lawn trailer series.  Read below and see what makes the new sprayer trailers stand out amongst the wannabes.  

Low Center of Gravity with Heavy-Duty Tires 

With a low center of gravity design and heavy-duty tires, these lawn trailer sprayers will not tip when making sharp turns or rolling on rugged terrain. 

Fully Welded, Independent Frame 

In the sprayer world, durability is the name of them gam. These innovative trailer sprayers feature a fully welded, independent frame that provides long-lasting longevity, season after season.  

All-Steel Horizontal Folding Boom 

Say hello to the new wave of broadcast spraying with our heavy-duty, all-steel booms. Featuring quick-attach, no-drip flat fan nozzles that can provide a uniform broadcast spray pattern.  Did we mention that these broadcast spray booms fold-in horizontally for compact storing and helps preventing damage from on-coming obstacles? We did now!

Visible Pressure Regulating System 

Unlike the “other guys”, these new lawn trailer sprayers feature an easy-to-use pressure regulating system. Confidently adjust pressure or control fluid flow to the broadcast spray boom without having to sacrifice a uniform pattern.  

We can go on forever about all the features that are packed into these lawn trailer sprayers, but we do not want you to read a novel. So, see below for additional features. 



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24 Gallon Broadcast Lawn Trailer

36 Gallon Broadcast Lawn Trailer



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