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How-To: Prepping Your Sprayer for Spring
Prepping your sprayer for spring reduces the chance of a preventable breakdown once spraying season is in full effect. Today we will walk you through the essential steps you should be taking in order to prepare your sprayer for the season after a long winter.


Prepping Your Sprayer for Spring spraying

The following steps will ensure that your sprayer is ready for spring and also help to minimize the risk of a preventable breakdown.

    1. Review Safety Information

      Even if you are a savvy sprayer vet, always brush up on proper safety protocol prior to beginning your spraying.

    2. Flushing Sprayer

      Before you use your sprayer, always flush and drain your sprayer out with fresh water through the spray gun and broadcast boom. This will remove any RV anti-freeze (from prior winterization) or chemical residue from past spraying applications. Make sure to wear protective clothing and have suitable containers to catch any flushed chemical.

    3. Perform Visual Inspection of Sprayer

      Before testing sprayer functionality, perform a visual inspection of the sprayer. Doing so will help you find any loose bolts, worn or cracked parts. If you find loose bolts, tighten them back up. If you find worn or damaged components, replace prior to use.

    4. Test Sprayer

      Fill your sprayer tank with fresh water, then proceed to utilize the spray gun and spray boom. This will allow you to check for any performance issues, additional broken parts or leaks in connection points. If you do find additional issues, remedy the situation and then proceed to test once more.

    5. Check For Leaks

      After ensuring that the nozzles are up to par, fill the tank with water once again and run water through the entire system. Doing so will show you if there are any leaks or other compromised areas on the sprayer.

    6. Calibrate Sprayer

      If you have a broadcast sprayer, you can calibrate with your pressure regulator to pinpoint the perfect spray swath for your application. Don’t forget to use the FREE Master Manufacturing Spraying Simple mobile app to determine how much liquid you need to apply for your spray application.

Following these simple steps for sprayer prep will minimize the risk of breakdowns and broken parts during your spraying applications. Should you need additional help, browse our YouTube channel for additional maintenance and troubleshooting videos.


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