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How To: Choose Your Ideal Spot Sprayer
Summer is finally upon us, which means our days are spent in the sun, evenings spent by the fire, and weekends spent at the beach. In short, this means we get to spend a lot of time in the outdoors taking care of our lawns and fields! Since there are many assorted styles and types of sprayers available, we decided to specifically layout important questions you need to ask yourself when considering which type of sprayer, you need for your application. Master Manufacturing wants to help YOU understand our different spot sprayers and select the best sprayer for the job!


Spot Sprayer Selection Considerations

Know and understand your job and what type of sprayer will be used to get the job done.

  • Will you be doing spot sprayer or broadcast spraying?

Remember, spot spraying is for isolated areas and broadcasting is for covering more surfaces. This question will help you narrow down the many combinations of sprayers we carry that are ideal for you.

Determine how your sprayer will be transported.

  • Will you be utilizing an ATV, UTV, truck bed, tractor?

Remember, spot sprayer applications are ideal to be used with ATVs, UTVs, and Flatbed trucks. Once you establish the need for spot spraying and the style of transportation that will be used for the application, you will need to determine the size of area being sprayed.

Understand the sprayer’s performance applications and model differences.

  • What is the size of the area being sprayed?

If you are looking to spray isolated areas with an ATV or UTV, then a 15- and 25-gallon spot sprayer is perfect! If there is a need for more volume and a UTV/Flatbed truck is in use, a 40- and 60-gallon spot sprayer would suffice. As mentioned previously, all our spot sprayers can be strapped and set on ATVs, UTVs or Flatbed Trucks.

Please Note: 15- and 25-gallon Master Manufacturing spot sprayers can be upgraded to an ATV sprayer or trailer sprayer with a Master Manufacturing frame and boom kits for spraying larger areas.





Popular Spot Sprayers

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