About Master MFG

Brief History

For over fifteen years, Master Manufacturing has been the leading innovator of spot and broadcast sprayers. Based in Paynesville – Minnesota, Master Manufacturing offers a wide range of sprayers that encompass agricultural, lawn & garden, and professional lawn care applications. Master Manufacturing originally started off with a handful of sprayers, but today, the lineup has grown exponentially to include niche sprayers and sprayer accessories. With a blow-molding machine and around the clock production facility, Master Manufacturing is able to produce at a high rate without sacrificing quality. Backed by an innovative team, it is safe to say that Master Manufacturing is the number one source for sprayers and components.

A brand of Valley Industries

Master Manufacturing is a brand of Valley Industries. For over 20+ years, Valley Industries has been supplying the agricultural, industrial and retail markets with innovative products that continue to set the bar in performance and quality. With centralized office and sales staff, Valley Industries provides 360° Customer Service that makes sure your questions get answered, your shipments get delivered, and your problem has a solution.