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For over fifteen years, Master Manufacturing has been the leading innovator of spot and broadcast sprayers. Based in Paynesville – Minnesota, Master Manufacturing offers a wide range of sprayers that encompass agricultural, lawn & garden, and professional lawn care applications. Master Manufacturing originally started off with a handful of sprayers, but today, the lineup has grown exponentially to include niche sprayers and sprayer accessories. With a blow-molding machine and around the clock production facility, Master Manufacturing is able to produce at a high rate without sacrificing quality. Backed by an innovative team, it is safe to say that Master Manufacturing is the number one source for sprayers and components.

A brand of Valley Industries

Master Manufacturing is a brand of Valley Industries. For over 20+ years, Valley Industries has been supplying the agricultural, industrial and retail markets with innovative products that continue to set the bar in performance and quality. With a centralized office and sales staff, Valley Industries provides 360° customer service that makes sure your questions get answered, your shipments get delivered, and your problem has a solution.

The Master MFG Advantage, Manufactured by Valley Industries

Master Manufacturing works tirelessly to ensure that we exceed our customers expectations and provide quality products to meet their needs. All Master Manufacturing products are engineered, assembled and sourced with high quality components, while remaining at competitive prices.

Our team is continuously innovating and designing new concepts that provide the quality and performance that is recognized and expected with each Master Manufacturing sprayer. Through intense testing in simulation and real-world situations, Master Manufacturing is able to exceed expectations every single time. 

With over 50 years of combined experience, Master Manufacturing houses a national sales force of dedicated men and women who are focused on providing the highest level of customer service to all those we serve. Along with a dedicated sales force, Master Manufacturing is backed by a marketing team that takes pride in continuously developing groundbreaking packaging, merchandising and other marketing initiatives to continue propelling the brand forward.

Our expert team of engineers consistently sets the standard for new to market sprayer concepts that are brought to life with integrated robotic processes and a full-fledged fabrication shop.

Master Manufacturing has a robust sprayer lineup for lawn, field, and everything in-between. Each sprayer is backed by a two-year warranty and features universal parts that can be replaced or upgraded as time goes on.

Our trained support staff strives to provide the highest level of customer service for all that we serve.


Valley Industries – Powerhouse leader for accessories and components for the agricultural, industrial and retail markets.

Comet Pump – Global leader in diaphragm pumps, high pressure plunger pumps and piston pumps for water and fluid applications in every sector.

A1 Mist Sprayers – Leader in customizable mist spraying units, adaptable for a wide range of applications in the agricultural and municipality markets and beyond.

Everflo – Leader of innovation and quality for on-demand 12 volt diaphragm pumps, fresh water RV pumps and softwash (bleach) pumps for agricultural, lawn & garden, and fluid transfer applications.


Master Manufacturing takes great pride in being an American manufacturer. Through constant innovation, engineering, assembly and manufacturing completed in the USA, our products exceed the quality that our domestic and international customers expect.