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FlexFrame – Sprayer Frame System

Flex Frame Modular Frame Mount System

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The all new Flex Frame Modular Frame System from Master Manufacturing allows your customers the ability to create a custom sprayer, adding 3-point mounts, trailer kits, booms and accessories over time, all to one simple base skid frame using standardized 2” trailer receivers.

  • 40 & 60 Gallon Skid Sprayers
  • 2.2 or 3.0 GPM EVERFLO Diaphragm Pumps
  • Standard Adjustable Spraygun Goes from Mist to Stream
  • Variable Pressure Regulator and Poppet Boom Shut Off Valve
  • Glyphosate Compatible Tank
  • Mold-In Sump for More Complete Emptying
  • All Steel, Modular Flex Frame Skid
  • Add Accessories, Booms, Trailers or 3-Point Mounting System Over Time!
  • Accessories Fit Any Standard 2″ Receiver
FSO-01-040A-MM 40 Gallon Flex Frame Skid Sprayer with 2.2GPM Pump UPC# 81640300713-9
FSO-01-060A-MM 60 Gallon Flex Frame Skid Sprayer with 2.2 GPM Pump UPC# 81640300714-6
FSP-01-040A-MM 40 Gallon Flex Frame Skid Sprayer with 3.0 GPM Pump UPC# 81640300715-3
FSP-01-060A-MM 60 Gallon Flex Frame Skid Sprayer with 3.0 GPM Pump UPC# 81640300716-0


Flex Frame Accessories

  • Build your sprayer over time with accessories and mounts!
  • Simple, all steel, bolt-on construction!
  • Flex Frame Boom Mount is compatible with all Master Mfg Boom Kits.
  • Accessory mounts fit any standard 2″ receiver hitch!
  • Trailer and 3-Point kits are compatible with any Flex Frame Sprayer.
  • 4-Side Flexibility! Add accessories to any side of the frame.
SFFK-4060SL-MM Flex Frame Trailer Kit with Boom Mount UPC# 81640300809-9
SFFK-4060S3B-MM Flex Frame 3-Point Kit with Cat 1 Ready Boom Mount UPC# 81640300719-1
SFFK-4060BM-MM Flex Frame Boom Mount Kit UPC# 81448501666-7
SFFK-4060HR1-MM Flex Frame Hose Reel Kit UPC# 81640300721-4